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About Ashleigh


My artwork has always had something to do with my (in)ability to understand the amalgam of my identities, and it helped to prepare me to view most things in life through an intersectional, inter-disciplinarian lens. To be a Black girl living in an affluent White world, only accessible because of the perseverance of her parents, is a privilege.


However, as anyone not fitted within the cultural hegemony will find, this privilege had its negatives. Raised around whiteness, I attributed it to normalcy, which led to futile attempts to assimilate to what I thought was normal. Inevitably, my assimilation failed and I became stuck in a liminal state of being, until I began to surround myself with people, specifically women, who looked like me.

Black women and Black culture, through my peregrination to fully accept myself, became the primary inspirations for my work.The normalization of Black women in the mainstream, the ability to express Black feelings in a complex and abstruse way, and formulating my ideas of the public around me into some form of abstraction became my ambition. 

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