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Custom Framing

I'm excited to be able to offer custom framing for your prints!

Make sure to read this page to understand the process to getting your own custom frame.


Steps to Follow:

  1. Send an inquiry email to, subject line: 'CUSTOM FRAME'

  2. In your email, make sure to specify:

    • What artwork print you want and in what size. Go to the poster page of the artwork to see available sizes.​

    • Specify the style, color, and thickness of the desired frame. For example: 'gold baroque thin,' 'black modern textured medium,' 'wood rustic thick,' etc. If you're unsure of what kind of custom frame you want, I can give suggestions.

  3. Once I receive your email and confirm the order, I will personally fulfill your poster order. DO NOT order your poster through my shop.

  4. After I fulfill your poster order, I will take it to my frame maker where he will give me estimates on pricing and sample frames. I will relay the pricing and samples to you, and if you like it, we will go through with the framing.

Frame Pricing & Delivery

Because you're ordering a custom frame from a professional frame maker, the price will be a bit more expensive.


You can expect prices for just the frame to vary between $100.00 and $800.00. Additionally, to ensure a safe delivery of your framed work, you may expect delivery prices to vary between $12.00 and $80.00.

I will give you a detailed invoice and breakdown of the prices to ensure you understand what everything costs.

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